Sorry, We're Currently Booked

Geek Gene's workload exceeds our current manpower.

If you have an extraordinary project that is exactly in our sweet spot (engaging an online community via alternative currencies and incentives) and an adequate budget to support its implementation, we might consider it or expand our team to accommodate it. Otherwise, we recommend seeking a normal web or software development firm for your project.

Good luck in your ventures!

Our Expertise and Custom Work

Community Building:
Trying to create an online space for collaboration and participation? We understand communities online and off and can put you on track for success. We're very active with community projects in our local community.

Alternative Currencies:
We are leaders in this little-known niche. We build systems to shape healthy flows of resources and participation for businesses and communities. We do this with systems of incentives, rewards and exchanges. One of our principals is well known for this kind of work.

Problem Solving:
It’s okay if you don’t have a clear definition of the solution you want us to build. As long as you understand the problems you’re trying to solve, we can interview your team and create an elegant custom solution.

Open Source Software:
We leverage, support and build open source software applications. This lowers your costs and ensures broad support for our systems. We can build proprietary software but we charge more if you don't share with the larger community.

Technical Expertise:
We’ve definitely got the geek gene, so you don’t have to. We're building the next-generation platform for distributed applications and databases (CongoDB). We also maintain our own Linux distribution (Open Distro).

Explore some of our recent web projects.