Interactive Community-Building Tools

The internet should not be used in the same way you use a brochure. If you are not creating the opportunity for customers, prospects and potential partners to interact, then you are missing a critical opportunity for relationship building.

We have recently had several great opportunities to help build some interesting communities both in the virtual realm and in our city.

One project which is still mostly in development however approaching completeness is The Civic Network. The Civic Canopy along with the Piton Foundation have helped come up with the concept of bringing the communities of people who work to improve people's lives together. The idea is that the people who are all interested in helping education improve and grow all can join the education forum and exchange ideas and build upon other's concepts to make a network of people growing to better their community. There are many Action Areas which will direct conversation focus. There are multiple groups centered around each area of focus where people can discuss specific topics within the greater focus.

Another project we have focused on has the the Mile High Business Alliance and Colorado Local First. These two combined are helping the focus of commerce in the metro area turn back toward the local business owners and helping these local businesses support other local businesses to stay afloat. The concept is to keep the economy local whenever possible and this does great things for building the community.

We have really enjoyed getting to know more about the non-profit sector and helping grow communities of like-minded and helpful individuals and would enjoy doing more work of this nature. If you are interested in helping start an inovative online community or in bringing together your community in general, please contact us!